Thursday, 16 April 2009

What I've sown so far.

14th April

New potatoes - Charlotte

15th April

Horseradish - Taylors' Choice (think it's called that)
Lettuce - Salad Bowl Red and Green Mixed
Radish - French Breakfast

16th April

Tomato - Moneymaker
Onion - Ailsa Craig
Climbing French Bean - Cobra
Spring Onion - White Lisbon
Perpetual Spinach - Leaf Beet


French Marigold - Glowing Embers Mixed
Nasturtium - Tall Mixed

Wow! What a few weeks it's been in the garden.

I finally have some raised beds!!! Since I wrote last the greenhouse has been cleared and weed proof matting put down, lawn has been sown, pond has been moved, herb bed has been made and planted and two raised beds have been made!

Here is Mr G in front of the greenhouse. Note lawn to the right and herb bed to the left.

Two raised beds waiting to be hammered in.

Charlotte salad potatoes in black sacks. The lawn is looking a bit patchy at the moment.

Finally going in. Hope my herbs pick up again, but then it must be stressful being dug up and moved.

Compost for the new beds! Sure the worms will love it :o)

Hmmm wrong rotation, but first bit for lettuces!
So there you go, it's getting there! Still lots to do though. BTW my dad and Mr G cleared out the greenhouse for me, and Mr G made the beds for me...thanks!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hmmm...bit windy out!

Haven't managed to get anything done over the weekend. Hubby has been away and I've been running around after the children or doing the housework. The good news is that some beans the children planted last week are rooting well. Just need to find space for 12 bean plants now!

Going to try and get more of the greenhouse done in the next couple of days, least if the floor is done and the glass is in I can start putting some seedlings in. This is last week (it's a bit clearer now):

Inside of greenhouse - under the boat is about a 1' 6" gap which will be ground for plants

Ground cover on inside of greenhouse, ivy, brambles and bay tree (?) shoots

South end of greenhouse - the shed needs complete rebuilding, it'll be made a bit smaller for tools etc and then attached to that will hopefully be the chicken house (BTW yes that is a toilet!)

North end of greenhouse - old bench which has now been taken down

Outside - under all that debris will be a chicken run and some vegetable beds!

Looking a bit delapidated!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Oh what to do today!

My back has decided to give me grief today so I'm not sure how much I'll get done. My plan was to try and get into the greenhouse again. Fed up of being told I'm not allowed to sow anything etc until it's finished. However I was told that last year and it never got done!

Maybe today I'll get out my seed stash and decide what I want to grow first. Then draw up a plan of what needs to go in when. At least if I have an inkling of when I need to start sowing it might get done!

Just been to have a look outside and got depressed :o( Need to remember that planning is the is being physically able to do it but one thing at a time!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

What I need to tackle this time.

Well here are a few photos of the the dalek if you can!

This all needs digging over:More of that area:

End of garden:

So loads to do! All seems very scary but hopefully should start seeing results soonish.


Well the garden sort of stalled big time last year. Now the greenhouse isn't accessible, I have no-where to plant anything and it's all a big mess! Once again though I have big plans for it, although I tend to have big plans every year.

First thing is to try to get the greenhouse glass completely in and then try to clear the benches. I also want to clear the bit where the herb bed was and put a couple of raised beds in there, one for herbs and one for root veg. I have some peas as well and I'm trying to decide whether they'll fit in there as well. Once the back of the garden is cleared and the pond moved I'll have more room for a couple more raised beds.

Just uploading photos now. Loads to do, never enough time to do it all in!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Trying again!

Ok so finally the sun is shining and it's not too cold outside so I'm beginning to think about actually doing something with the garden. Especially as the children want to go outside and play.

Today I'm going to take photos, measure up and decide what plants I want to save before we start attacking it all.

Bit miserable about it all but hopefully in the next two or three months something will happen to it.